How to prevent burnout in a person who treats a dementia patient?

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Being a person caring for a dementia patient is the hardest and most abrasive job there is. People who take care of dementia patients, need to work with them wholeheartedly. This is to make sure they get the best quality of life they can get. They have to do everything so that their happiness is above their own personal happiness. Mental stress and burnout are actually the side effects of this work. In the case of people caring for dementia patients, the psychological impact and mental stress, they significantly negatively affect their mental health. If you are one of those people who are devotedly caring for dementia patients, then this article is for you. Keep reading and learn how to prevent burnout and bring more joy to your life and the life of the person you care for.

שחיקה בקרב בן משפחה מטפל

Take Time for yourself-

A significant part of the caregiving family member’s job is to devote his best resources to the quality of life of the sick family member. From daily needs such as bathing and preparing meals to more important things such as: talking with them, or even doing fun tasks with them such as: making cookies, just to contribute more joy to their lives.

Caring family members are sometimes so involved in the lives of the relatives they are caring for, that they forget to take care of themselves. Not finding time to take care of yourself, leads to complete burnout. Therefore, the first thing you should do is take a day off. Leave the tasks you have that day to another person who will replace you (another family member or a professional caregiver). Go for a walk with friends, get together with the rest of your family, or just read a book in the comfort of your home. Everyone needs time for themselves and you deserve it!!

Research the disease-

The transition from being cared for by your parents to caring for them can be very challenging. Children can suddenly find themselves caring for their aging parents who have been diagnosed with dementia. This challenging situation is accompanied by anxiety about the parent’s future and frustration that the parent is no longer able to perform simple tasks. is a symptom of burnout. In this situation, the therapist should take a step back and try to investigate the illness, to understand what is happening in the person he is treating. Once the illness is investigated and understood, it can reduce feelings of anger and frustration on the part of the therapist towards the patient. When the illness worsens, the therapist You need to find ways to know how to deal with the changes.Talking with other therapists and sharing difficulties with them is a great way to deal with burnout.

Meditation – a great way to deal with burnout –

Feelings of stress and anxiety are an integral part of the therapist’s work. They are constantly worried about the patient’s health, stressed about his health, worried about the future, tired from the work of treating him, there is no way to get rid of the negative thoughts completely, but there are ways to reduce them. Sit in a quiet place and take breaths. Listen to relaxing music. Relax your body and try to forget for a few minutes the thoughts that bother you. Concentrate and imagine a place where you would like to be just for 15 minutes and engage in meditation. These 15 minutes are enough to refresh your mind and give yourself a break from reality. Doing this type of meditation exercise together with the adult you are caring for can be a good idea. The person you are caring for is also sometimes anxious. Therefore, meditating with them can only do them good.

מניעת שחיקה על ידי מדיטציה
A woman is meditating

Exercise – another way to avoid stress and burnout –

Caring for a person with dementia is hard work that requires a lot of effort and involves many tasks. Although helping an elderly person with dementia can be a demanding task, there is no better activity for your body than exercise. In order to make sure that you are exercising enough, it is very important to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to physical activity. An activity like jogging around the park, for a certain time during the day, can cause a real change in your physical health. Exercise can also do wonders to clear your head.

Take care of yourselves-

A sick carer cannot act as a carer towards anyone. It absolutely cannot benefit an elderly person who depends on the help of the caregiver for his basic needs. If you don’t take care of yourselves and you become sick, then who will take care of the patients? Make regular appointments with the doctor to make sure your health is good, eat regular and nutritious meals. Not maintaining the weight will not help the patient’s treatment at all. Beyond that, improper nutrition can lead to diseases, such as: diabetes and high blood pressure. Eat your meals on time, exercise and go to the doctors for checkups. If you take care of yourself, the stress will go away.

Take a minute to Thank-

It is impossible to avoid the fact that caring for an adult with dementia is a difficult task. But, it is important to remember that the work is worth it. The therapist dedicates his time to improve the patient’s quality of life and this is an amazing thing in itself. The therapist’s work has an amazing purpose for the patient. In whatever situation and suffering your patient is going through, be grateful that you are there to help ease his pain and let him feel at ease in such difficult times.


caretaker helping senior man
A nurse helps guide an elderly person

A manny helps guide a person Nanny plays an important role in the development of our society. They are the people who are responsible for caring for the adults who need help. If you are a caregiver, or if you know someone who is caring for an elderly person who needs help. Take a minute to remind you or them to take care of themselves. If you adopt the techniques given to you in this article, you can avoid stress and burnout. But, if you get sick, heaven forbid, from stress and burnout, then who will take care of the elderly person you are caring for? An adult